Performance Enhancing Drugs

Anti-Doping Passport Rule (A.D.P.)

Every athlete participating in the Championships will be obligated to present an original copy of a certificate showing a negative doping result, which will allow the issuing of official participation permissions to each athlete, according to the Anti-Doping Passport Rule.

Drug Testing

Drug Testing will be conducted by members of the CAC Medical Commission and supervised by the officials of the Olympic Committee of Aruba. Urine collection will take place at the evening finals on Saturday, October 1st 2005. Results will be available in approximately 4 weeks after the Championships. ALL NATIONAL FEDERATIONS ARE OBLIGATED TO DRUG TEST EVERY MEMBER OF THEIR TEAM PRIOR TO DEPARTURE FOR ARUBA, IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE ANTI-DOPING PASSPORT (A.D.P.) RULE. AFTER COMPLYING WITH A.D.P. RULE, YOU MUST URGE YOUR ATHLETES TO REMAIN DRUG FREE AND INFORM THEM OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF A POSITIVE RESULT FOR THEM (SUSPENSION) AND FOR YOUR FEDERATION (FINE).